The insane graduation party of high School graduates

Bring the fervor to Nazareth School and celebrate this graduation in style! Wail at the Moon is the quintessential Riverwalk party venue for an intriguing festival, offering a variety of ways to customize our space, cocktails that confound the group, and fantastic live music played all night long. There is an alternative to shouting in celebration.

All things considered, Cry San Antonio has a lot of space for parties! Decorate the graduate’s space with unique piano standards, blacklight sheets, and UPshow graphics. You can also include conveniences like picture booths and bar areas to give the space a truly unique flair. Even for the ideal honor or discussion, our dramatic general media equipment is available.

The cocktails from Yell at the Moon are exactly what this graduation party needs to get moving! Our 86 oz. containers, crazy shots, and bombs are the best ways to show your support for the alumni, and our bartender will be pouring fantastic specialty mixed drinks in addition to your favorite lagers during the entire party. You may add a beverage package for your entire group or combine the general muddle with some of Wail’s wonderful nibble, dish, sweet, and smorgasbord catering. Before the evening is done, everyone makes sure to be howling, especially after the band from Yell Nzareth School gets the town going! Our musicians present the most erratic set available, highlighting popular songs from each

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