The Heart Touching Sad Story Of Single Mom

There are innumerable examples of literature that ends on a positive note, most prominently in movies because many people probably won’t think that being involved equals being demoralized. Like others, I can certainly see the value in happy stories. A pleasant story can make you feel good about yourself and make you vicariously happy for the characters you just watched succeed in their struggles.

Troubled endings, though, might be important for the same reasons. I genuinely believe that seeking happiness for the rest of your life is a fool’s mission. If all you experienced was happiness, life would be dull and the satisfaction would desensitize you. I have faith in moderation and believe that bitterness and other depressing emotions are necessary to find fulfillment.

I enjoy depressing tales because they serve as a therapeutic contrast to the happiness I experience and help to anchor it. Although it has nothing to do with perversion, “miserable material” helps to evoke stronger emotions afterwards. In fiction, misery can produce a potent result.

It could be used to illustrate a person’s burdens and highlight the magnitude of the struggle they are going through. Additionally, it can draw attention to a problem that the general public overlooked. It can be incredibly effective to rally your crowd against something you believe in by appealing to their pessimism.

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