The five most pricey institutions in Ethiopia, together with their tuition

Living in Addis Abeba is straightforward for foreigners due to the city’s vibrant culture, gorgeous surroundings, and welcoming locals. The enormous city of Ethiopia is not without its problems; prices have gone up due to rising inflation, and the standard of the medical system is much worse than you may be used to. However, there are many possibilities for international schools and great professional chances for ex-pats if you’re considering moving with children in tow.
Even with tremendous improvements over the past few years, Ethiopia’s public education system still trails behind the rest of the world. Between 40 and 50 percent of the population is still illiterate, which is still a large percentage. Since public schools do not admit pupils from other countries, an international school is not only the best option for ex-pats—it is usually the only one. The upside of this is that Addis Abeba boasts among of the lowest international school tuition costs anywhere on earth, not just in Africa. In terms of educational standards and amenities, the bulk of these institutions is already on par with international schools in other regions of Africa. Not all of the teachers at Addis Abeba’s foreign schools are native English speakers, but the bulk of them are. There are extracurricular activities everywhere, and school bus services are also widely provided, though not at all schools. In Addis Abeba, in addition to the highly regarded International Baccalaureate, foreign institutions provide an astounding array of courses. Curricula from the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, and Greece are just a few of those that are represented. Although your child may also get taught in the language of the curriculum, English is often the chosen language of instruction. For instance, if your child is following the German curriculum, they may receive instruction in either German or English or even in both.

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