The family from Ethiopia’s terrible story

The depressing tale of the Ethiopian family is the new chapter program. The series, according to Kiya, “is much deeper than just hair,” she told the outlet. Our hair is a symbolic sculpture. Everyone should be proud of their robust African hair, in my opinion. I want to do more than just protect what is left. It’s to aid in the revival of these fashions. Not only for Ethiopia and Africa but also for the entire world.

The NFT, which took months to finish, depicts hair as a cultural artifact and a creative medium, but it also illustrates how hair can stand in for identity, particular expressions, and stages of life.

Without NFTs, none of this work has a genuine home, she emphasized to Okay Africa when explaining the series how much the crypto world has influenced Yatreda’s work and why it is an empowering environment for creativity.

What makes me say this? Because it might receive likes if we uploaded it on YouTube or Instagram. Large corporations are the only ones who gain from those likes, and they don’t do much to support the people who built their platforms.

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