The couple discussed their shared life experiences

a Sunday afternoon infotainment show featuring EBS – The married pair exchanged life stories. At the same time, a $2 billion multi-state pipeline network is one of the things that the heartland biofuels industry, which supports the economies of hundreds of American farming communities, is banking on. According to some calculations, this might reduce the carbon footprint of the bio-refinery by up to 25%.

The pipeline will bury the carbon dioxide it collects in North Dakota, where it was released during the fermentation of ethanol. According to Ian Johnson, Secretary-General of the Club of Rome, biofuels derived from common agricultural products have played a significant role in California, Tesla’s home state and the nation’s largest fuel market, in reducing the state’s transportation-related climate impact by 7.5 percent since 2011.

Biofuels generated from corn, soybeans, hog and cattle fat, manure emissions from dairies, and spent cooking oil are the unsung heroes of this advancement. Some Amazon delivery trucks are already powered by renewable fuel made from “choice white grease,” the more posh term that dealers use for pig fat.

Uncertainty exists around how supply chains and markets will function if transportation is given a dual track in the future. The general contours of an impending battle have already started to emerge in the United States.

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