The contest for tasting food by artists

On the Seifu broadcast, the Gemza movie crew had a fun food tasting contest. Some Ethiopian movies get the whole point and meaning of what the writer was trying to say, making the presentation the writer had in mind. 2022 has, for the most part, given us wonderful visual innovation, intriguing plots, and amazing talent from our cast, directors, and stylists. Many Ethiopian films leave a lot to be desired, which is a shame because they are a waste of great Ethiopian stories. Undoubtedly, this is brought on by growing competition among performers, directors, and writers as well as increased financial incentives to release excellent Ethiopian films on YouTube, in theaters, etc. “Will the rain run through her hair?”,” the girl inquired to her buddy, who was riding the bus next to her. The shock on their faces was evident, so I ended my Amharic conversation with my friend and went back to my seat. They started apologizing a lot to the University of Athens, which was our goal. It was 1956, and the author had the good fortune to be Greece’s first black graduate.

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