The brothers have never before interacted.

Some stereotypes are more challenging to overcome than others. It’s a common misunderstanding that mothers who give up custody of their children are inadequate parents. Rebekah has to deal with that every single day. She gave her son’s father custody of him for a couple of years and attempted to steer clear of the subject. The general public is beginning to realize that a mother’s best interests are served by a mother letting go of some control over her child’s upbringing. There are various factors that influence each birth mother’s decision to place her child for adoption, and every adoptive family and situation are unique. Anything like this is a choice you’ve never made before. Many individuals consider adopting a child. One-quarter of Americans, according to a recent YouGov research, have an adopted friend or family member. Regardless of your motivation(s), no one should “approve” your decision to pursue adoption. If you want to provide your child the best life possible, then whatever path you decide for their future, you are a good mother.

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