The bride is the subject of the groom’s song by Dawit Tsege.

The marriages There are striking examples of Ethiopian wedding customs and traditions. Despite the fact that increasingly more couples are choosing modern weddings, traditional wedding traditions are still frequently practiced. Here are a few of the most common wedding customs in Ethiopia. Telosh is observed two days prior to the nuptials. As a wedding gift from the groom and his family, the bride typically receives a bridal gown or jewelry. Prior to dinner, the remaining visitors give the bride their gifts. The entire bride’s family congregates outside the house to sing a customary song during which they make the pact that no one will be allowed inside until the bride’s father has arrived to fetch her up. The bride’s family must first approve the entrance of the groom before he can present his bride with flowers. Before directing the group of guests to the wedding automobile, she kisses the flowers. The Ethiopian wedding custom of knee kissing doesn’t appear to go with the rest of the ceremony. Along with the parents of the bride and groom, many older relatives attend the wedding so they can see their grandchildren. When they enter the room, they kiss the elders’ knees to show their respect and admiration for their achievements. The grandparents’ blessings are returned to the newlyweds.

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