The answer Veronica gave to this young man

Undoubtedly, falling in love is one of the most pleasant experiences ever. That explains why it has been the subject of so many movies, songs, and reality shows. However, sharing love feelings is when the real magic happens. So let’s take a look at some less obvious signs that you and your partner are falling in love. When someone’s feelings start to change from casual to “could this be forever?” there are some universal things that happen for the majority of people. Of course, everyone will experience signs of falling in love differently. Here are a few signs you’re falling in love, according to dating and relationship experts. Whether you’re ready to make a full commitment or you’re more of a skeptic who needs to wait and think about this important information, here are a few signs you’re falling in love. You probably already have one with your family, perhaps complete with Thanksgiving Day football games. You can decide to let each person open one gift on Christmas Eve. When you start to think about creating rituals with your significant other, it’s obvious that you’re falling in love. It demonstrates that you are thinking about a future together. You’ll love how they smell. Even when they like… kind of smell bad, pheromones have a key role in attraction, according to certified clinical social worker Ashley Starwood. If you find yourself touching their neck or smelling the clothes they left at your house (even if they haven’t washed or were just at the gym), chances are that your body is being drawn to theirs.

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