The Amazing Wedding Between Dwarf Couple

Dwarfism is a short stature caused by a medical or genetic condition. An adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) or less is generally regarded as dwarfism. In adults with dwarfism, the typical height is 4 feet (122 cm). Instead of “dwarf” or “dwarfism,” some people prefer the terms “short stature” or “little people.” Therefore, it’s crucial to respect the preferences of someone with this disorder. Familial short stature, which is regarded as a normal variation with normal bone development, is excluded from the category of short stature disorders. The majority of people with dwarfism suffer from diseases that result in abnormally short stature.

Typically, this denotes that a person has an averagesized trunk and short limbs, though it is possible for some individuals to have an extremely short trunk and short (yet disproportionately large) limbs.  The head is disproportionately big compared to the body in these disorders.Nearly all individuals with disproportionate dwarfism have average mental abilities. Rare exceptions typically have a secondary cause, like too much fluid surrounding the brain (hydrocephalus).

The most frequent cause of dwarfism is achondroplasia, a condition that results in abnormally short stature. Medical conditions that restrict overall growth and development and are present at birth or first manifest in early childhood can cause proportionate dwarfism. So even though the head, trunk, and limbs are all diminutive, they are all in proportion to one another.

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