The Secrete Of Long Lasting Friendship

No matter what kind of connection it is—romantic, platonic, or mentoring—it takes time and work to build and develop. Patience, perseverance, trust, kindness, communication, and compromise are two-way streets. Some people find it simpler to make new acquaintances and keep old ones than others.

Some of us yearn for tighter relationships with others or wonder why a once-promising relationship failed. In certain situations, we can be tempted to criticize a friend’s actions before our own. Relationships and friendships are two-way streets, so when something goes wrong, neither person can solely blame the other. Relationships do not always have to be equal in power, a wise person once informed me.

When one person has a lot going on and is unable to give their relationship their whole attention for a while, the other partner may need to step in and take over temporarily. Relationships can therefore be 80/20, 30/70, or 90/10, but ultimately they should be 50/50; that is, each partner should devote 50 percent of their time, heart, and effort to laying the groundwork for and fostering the development of the relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic.

There are attributes and traits that must be exercised in order for the connection to work, regardless of the stage of the relationship, whether it is a new and growing passionate relationship or a firm, entrenched friendship. Although everyone expresses themselves differently, manages stress in different ways, and experiences emotions in different ways, it is crucial to always convey your feelings and thoughts to a partner or friend.

It is unfair to presume that your buddy or lover can read between the lines because they cannot read your thinking. There should always be an open line of communication between the two sides. Active listening is an essential component of communication in addition to talking. Occasionally, we speak while other times, we just listen. In any case, communication is the key principle in order to develop and strengthen the relationship.

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