The Amazing Biography Of Legendary Singer Ephrem Tamiru

One of the top Ethiopian musicians since the 1970s is Ephrem Tamiru. He continues to be a popular artist in Ethiopia. Ethiopian music originated in the early years of our era in the ancient Aksumian kingdom. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church became a means of expressing religion after its founding in the fourth century AD. Jared established a unique musical aesthetic for the church and is regarded as a pioneer of Ethiopian church music. His system is based on his modes or scales, which are derived from his three cores.

Traditional Ethiopian music still has its roots in tizita, bati, and ambassel. Each scale has distinct qualities and corresponding feelings, therefore the three scales combined produce a potent spectrum of emotions in traditional Ethiopian music.

Ethiopia’s musical tradition and accompanying instruments have been preserved because the nation was never colonised. The indigenous music of Ethiopia has, nevertheless, been affected by world music since the onset of globalisation. It has aspects from both African and Western civilizations, influenced by music.

When Emperor Haile Selassie received some Armenian children who had survived the Turkish Holocaust, the first Ethiopian bands were created in the 1920s. Then, Emperor Haile Selassie I created a group he referred to as “The Bodyguard Band.”

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