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The goal of the current gathering in Dredawa is to strengthen ties between Somalia and Oromia, two neighbouring regions. The discussions, which have been planned to improve their relationship, are being led by the respective heads of government for the two regions, Shimelesh Abdisa and Mustafa Mohammed.

Senior leaders from both regions as well as the mayor of the Dredawa city administration attended the meeting, according to an ESA report. The discussion is anticipated to centre on a variety of issues affecting the two regions, such as security, economic development, and cultural exchange. The discussions take place at a time when many Ethiopian regions are trying to forge closer ties and collaborate on shared objectives.

The people of Oromia and Somalia can have a more secure and prosperous future by improving their relationship. It is hoped that the discussions will be fruitful and result in the adoption of specific measures to improve cooperation between the two regions. They can overcome shared obstacles and take advantage of fresh chances for growth and development by cooperating.

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