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Ten things to avoid doing while you’re hungry

It’s not always a good idea to eat what we desire. The first meal we eat in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Your digestive system may suffer if you consume some meals on an empty stomach. If ingested on an empty stomach, spices and chillies may irritate the stomach lining, resulting in acidic reactions and cramping. They have a powerful flavor and could make you feel sick. A glass of fruit juice in the morning may not always be healthy, despite the fact that the majority of us think it is. Dr. Rupali cautions against consuming a lot of fruit juice first thing in the morning since it could put additional stress on the pancreas, which is still waking up after a long period of sleep. Fruits include sugar in the form of fructose, which when your stomach is empty could overload your liver. Since processed sugar is even worse, avoid breakfast treats and extremely sugary smoothies. Aerated beverages are terrible for us at any time of day, but they’re particularly bad when consumed on an empty stomach since the carbonated acids react with the stomach acids and lead to various health issues like nausea and gas. If there isn’t any food in your stomach, increasing the amount of acid in your digestive system can just make you feel uncomfortable or crampy. Your stomach produces acid for the purpose of assisting with food digestion.

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