Spritual Leader ‘Ehete Marim’ Got Arrested

Spiritual leaders are chosen, trained, and given the authority to lead God’s church. Not everyone can hold a position of spiritual leadership. Some Christians are called to equip the Body of Christ as spiritual leaders, even though every Christian is expected to follow Christ totally and have an impact on the world.

It is crucial to practice spiritual leadership. Depending on our level of leadership, people climb and fall. Because of dependable, wholesome spiritual leadership, people are pulled into the Kingdom and into Christian service. It is crucial for individuals whom God calls to positions of spiritual leadership to be eager to develop into everything to which God has called them.

The main focus of spiritual leadership is relationship with God. Instead of establishing our own rule, we are working to establish His Kingdom. Daily submission to His Word and control in our life is something we must maintain. Before introducing Him to people we lead, we should work to better understand Him.

Reading, reflecting on, and implementing His everlasting wisdom into our day-to-day spiritual leadership is the main way we walk with God. Spiritual leaders should prioritize seeking God over seeking ministry. Everyday, their first objective should be to get to know God better, to follow Him more devotedly, and to expand their understanding of Him.

While they recognize that being near to and obedient to God is the goal they are pursuing, God may have called them to influence others for the sake of the gospel. You are competing in the wrong race if Jesus isn’t the prize.

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