Solomon Bogale and his daughter, 24. Interview

Being kind might sometimes be mistaken for being feeble or naive, but that is not the case. A social skill that requires both boldness and strength is being kind. There are many ways to be nice and many chances to put this excellent quality into action. It suggests that a group’s members should support one another individually and that the group as a whole should do the same. We’re all kind of involved, really. When we acknowledge and accept our common humanity, empathy increases. We know that helping others—those who are near to us and those who are not related to us directly—actually helps us. Along with being practical, being compassionate is a significant life skill. provides you with a powerful emotional sense of fulfillment. gives you a life that is more meaningful and conducive to spiritual health. improves your well-being Your happiness hormones increase when you help others. Your stress hormones begin to decrease as soon as you know that help is available. as you engage with numerous people and situations around the world, your knowledge and awareness grow.
provides you the opportunity to express to others your gratitude for everything you have. gives you the chance to exercise natural leadership and mentorship. You are actually “walking your speak” by leading by example. gives you options to exercise your imagination and problem-solving skills. gives you the chance to donate your time, energy, and talents to deserving organizations. and provides ways for you to identify your personality and interests.

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