Social Media Influencer Yoni Magna Visiting Addis Ababa

In Addis Abeba, Yoni Magna. It is no secret that the past few decades of growing inequality can be summed up as significant income and wealth gains for those at the very top and stagnant living standards for the majority, as noted by former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Even in academia, it has not been popular to try to dissect the overall effects of the technosphere on the human animal, particularly in the areas of psychology, culture, religion, relationships, etc.

With the exception of a few Avant-garde critics like Herbert Marcuse, et al., the majority of independent and competent critics of the global system have a general bias against this topic. Both traditional psychoanalysis and contemporary psychiatry frequently place the blame on the feeble and powerless individual who hardly has a voice in the overall scheme of things while tolerating modern society’s insanity.

Modern psychiatry’s implicit conclusion is, for the most part, that each patient is sick, not society as a whole. Consequences result from conclusions that are purposefully biased. As a result of being heavily influenced by technological logic, more and more victims are turning to alcohol, drugs, including legal and illegal opiates, and other substances to find some measure of comfort.

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