Singer Temsegen And Mayor Adanech Abebe Shared A Table With 2,000 People.

More than 195,000 residents of the city are participating in a food sharing event being held by the local government today. In his remarks on the occasion, Mayor Adanech stated that it is a program to demonstrate our commitment to, and solidarity with, our community. The goal is to support and lessen the current, high inflation rate.

He stated we should look at these folks more closely and offer them various types of help because there are many people who do not have a spectator. He added that the city administration is collaborating with the municipal administration to find a permanent solution to the dilemma, but that this is only a temporary measure.

Out of this, we work hard to boost output, improving lifestyle by getting rid of sloth, and “keeping our food in the backyard,” he said, we are trying to secure the security of the agricultural sector. The project has received 600 million birr, according to Mayor Adanech, who also noted that 500 million birr had been set aside for the administration. Provided.

There is never a lack of giving! Giving brings several benefits into your career. If you spread goodness, you will benefit. Mayor Adanech Abebe issued the following advice to the business community: “At this time, you should not only feel sad for the people but also work for their welfare. The motto of the middle class in our city is to share the table with those around you, even if no one is looking. According to Asfaw, the Addis Ababa City Community Participation Coordinator, a total of 240,000 homes have received these supports, including today.

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