Singer Kuku And Neway Debebe Sharing Their Life Journey – Part 2

Singer Kuku Sebsebe conducted a fascinating interview with artist Newei Debebe in part 2. An Ethiopian singer-songwriter is named Neway Debebe. After releasing her debut album Tango Her Music Her Shop, which she collaborated on with a nearby band called Roja Her Band, Neway became well-known in the 1970s. Over five of Newey’s studio albums have since been made available. Neway Debebe was raised throughout Ethiopia after being born in Hamer Bako. He resided in Wolaita Sodo, Asela, and Awasa. In high school, Neway discovered her love of music.

He went to Asela’s Las Andalge High School. Teachers helped Newey in a variety of ways to lay the groundwork for his passion for music. Newey did well in high school bands as a result. In 1991, I relocated to the US, where I spent more than 16 years. ‘Ageren Alresam’ and ‘Yene Deha’ are two albums by Neway that were released in America. Abegaz Kibrework is the producer of these albums. Also present were Henok Temesgen and Fasil Wuhib. Newey went back to Ethiopia in 2007

Aida Hassen was the first woman Newey married. In 2010, they got divorced. On December 27, 2020, she only revealed this during an interview on the talk show Seifu on EBS. The news became widely circulated. In 2018, Neway wed her second spouse, and she is now the mother of two sons.

Newey released her debut album, Maebel Naw, in the 1970s. Big hits like “Eshet Belahugn,” “Yetikimit Abeba,” and “Egnaw Enitarek” were among them. Six studio albums by Neway have been released, and she has worked with other musicians on a number of albums. His contributions have made him very well-known to a large audience.

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