Singer Ali Bira’s Last Days During Hospital Admission

The singer underwent neck surgery after being admitted to the hospital on Friday due to a fall in Guadalajara, Mexico, a doctor close to the musician told EBC,local state media. Ali Bira suffered a cervical spine injury in the collision, and his status is serious but stable, according to a Facebook post on his official page. He is in the ICU and on a ventilator, according to the post.

According to a statement made by Fernández via social media, the musician was discharged from the hospital exactly one month prior on July 9 after overcoming a urinary tract infection. With a career spanning five decades and more than 100 albums in his catalog, Fernández is recognized as a living legend by his followers.

After a concert at Hofheinz Pavilion in October 1991, The Houston Chronicle called Fernández “The Sinatra of Rancheras,” according to his website. Frank, a blue-eyed crooner who is recognized as one of our time’s finest musicians, is of course mentioned by Sinatra in this song. On his website, the Mexican hero compared himself to the lead vocalist of the Rat Pack, saying, “Up until October 11, 1991, no one had ever declared that as a singer, Fernández was on same footing with possibly the greatest singer in American pop history.” The genre of music known as ranchera originated prior to the Mexican Revolution. It draws inspiration from a range of musical genres, including as waltz, polka, and bolero.

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