Should you sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married?

Every prenup is different, just like every relationship. A prenuptial agreement can function anyway you want it to. If you want to protect your partner from student loan debt or make sure they can keep their quality of life even if you divorce, a prenuptial agreement is a wise choice for you. If you want to create a prenuptial agreement before you wed your spouse. We can still walk you through the process over the phone in a free consultation, even if you’re unsure of whether a prenup is right for you. You should sign a prenuptial agreement (prenup) to protect your rights and those of your prospective spouse. Although creating and signing a prenup may not sound particularly romantic, discussing money and setting realistic expectations can improve your relationship.
By executing a prenuptial agreement, you and your spouse can preserve your sense of independence and allay any financial concerns. A prenuptial agreement, for example, enables you to take full responsibility for any debt you accrued before getting married, such as student loans. Similarly, you may want to make sure that any marital conflict won’t affect your funds and other assets. According to Business Insider, prenuptial agreements are getting more and more prevalent because women are now more independent than ever. Just as many women want to keep their last names after being married, some women may prefer to maintain some financial independence within their marriages. This degree of freedom could be advantageous to both spouses, and it also strengthens the union’s security.

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