She’s young, and a lot of people helped me.

Children are more interested in what their parents do than in their own age. When parents raise their children in a loving, compassionate, sensitive, responsive, and adaptive manner, children grow and develop successfully.
Every parent has challenges as their children grow and develop. Many of the challenges faced by new parents and more seasoned parents are similar. Teenage parents, however, could experience additional challenges, such as trying to finish their studies while taking care of a child. Additionally, being a teenage parent can make you feel burdened by the demands of parenting a child at such a young age. The relationship you build with your child from birth and throughout their early years is the cornerstone of their health and development. When they establish a good relationship with you, your child will feel safe and at ease and will have the confidence to learn and explore. If you and your child get along well, you can better understand and cater to their needs. Emotional highs and lows are typically present in teen relationships. Relationships may also become more difficult after having a baby or young child. A lack of sleep or time spent with a partner, for instance, might lead to disputes and confrontations. Relationships that are strong and healthy are advantageous to all parties. They might affect your child’s development as well. For instance, if your child sees courteous and respectful behavior in others, they will pick up themselves.

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