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A best friend is “one’s closest and dearest friend,” whereas a friend is “someone you enjoy and like spending time with.” Best friends share joys and sorrows from life, and friends have common interests. One of the several advantages of marriage is that your spouse will become your greatest friend. If you and your husband have a close friendship already, congrats; if not, it’s time to learn how to value friendship in marriage. A strong marriage’s foundation, which is based on a close bond, is the basis of a good marriage. According to Gottman’s research, a marriage’s ability to maintain a strong friendship is a significant indicator of both romantic and physical fulfillment. Friendship is the foundation of a healthy marriage and one of the traits of a happy, long-lasting union. Studies show that married couples with strong friendships report higher levels of overall marital happiness. In fact, it’s believed that married couples’ emotional ties are five times stronger than their sexual intimacy. Friendship couples are very close and enjoy spending time together. They have a preferred person with whom to share their life experiences, which greatly enhances their hobbies and interests. Since it is believed that friendship in marriage fosters the development of both emotional and physical relationships, cultivating and maintaining marital friendship can enrich a marriage. Friendship enables married couples to communicate more honestly with one another without fear of rejection or discomfort. It takes time, perseverance, and work to cultivate and strengthen that connection in a marriage. Here are some methods and ideas for preserving and enhancing your marriage’s marital friendships. To become or maintain best friends with your partner, you must first get to know them. Games like “self trivia” or “get to know you” can be entertaining and educational at the same time. Test one another’s knowledge by asking one other questions about things like your blood type, favorite music, and a significant turn-on. Consider giving away services like cleaning the dishes, a foot or back massage, or choosing the next outing. In a marriage, emotional intimacy must drop but physical intimacy need not. A true friendship is one that lasts the remainder of a person’s life. A marriage and family therapist might assist if you and your spouse are having issues starting or growing your friendship.

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