Series TV Drama Star’s Charming Birthday Ceremony

Melat Wolde’s birthday celebration programme in the 9Gnaw Shi drama. Haile Selassie, the Ethiopian emperor, brought some Armenian orphans who had survived the dreadful Turkish Holocaust in the 1920s. The first bands in Ethiopia were created by these orphans. My name is Haile Selassie the Emperor and I have formed a special band named “The Bodyguard Band.” The contemporary Ethiopian orchestra was established by this group. In 1924, Ethiopia’s first orchestra received formal recognition. They performed in front of a large crowd for the first time in 1931 during the emperor’s coronation.

They had to prepare to play the various songs that symbolise the nations of significant international guests during practise. Modern Ethiopian music was at its peak and most well-liked throughout the 1960s. The way contemporary music was created in Ethiopia during those years underwent significant shift. Because it brought certain gifted musicians and artists to public attention, many people believe this period to be extremely significant for contemporary Ethiopian music.

If we take a close look at how music has evolved in Ethiopia over time, we’ll see a significant shift from traditional music to the music that people listen to now. Many outstanding Ethiopian musicians rose to fame in the 1960s. They performed several musical genres, including swing with brass instruments and singing, which is still remembered today. There was a period when many people were moved and pleased by music.

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