Seifu Fantahun Pays A Visit To Injibara City Organization and North Mecha Woreda of Amhara State

According to the state’s Exchange and Market Improvement Agency, Injibara City Organization and North Mecha Woreda in Amhara State have illegally stored fuel at unfinished corner stores.
Tafere Yimer, the Head of Exchange Contest and Customer Insurance Department, informed ENA that the fuel was being held by a group of agencies, including zonal, woreda, and city organizations. According to the Injibara City Organization, 184,000 liters of fuel were discovered at the unfinished station.

A total of 46,000 gallons [46,000 L] of fuel was used, with the remainder being diesel. Similarly, in West Gojjam Zone, North Mecha Woreda, an exceptional location known as Guncha was discovered to have been incorrectly stored in four locations.

He deduced that the secret oil was provided by a gas organization and that it had been discovered in two unfinished corner stores. “The stations have not yet been legitimately perceived without a structure grant from the zonal, woreda, and city organizations, and have only met stockpiling guidelines,” he explained. He understood that the fuel was stored in an incomplete, plain, and risky manner, and that it was stored in a perilous manner. “The government will hold them accountable for illegally amassing oil appropriations,” he said. According to the chief, the agency has so far transitioned from 22 advance notice stations engaged in criminal operations to bundling, moving from written admonitions to bundling.

“We have begun loading and cautioning against oil sneaking as a team with the woredas,” Tsehaiineh Bogale, head of the Awi Ethnicity Organization’s Exchange and Market Improvement Division, said.  He stated that the oil will be held under the law and will be determined by the legal executive’s choice.  He urged those involved in the area to forego their activities in order to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed oil redesign on July 1, 2022.

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