Saturday’s depressing EBS tale

On Saturday, EBS broadcast the tragic story. Birth, Discovery, Origin, and Contamination are the four narrative chapters that break up the performance. The many environments provided by each of these moments, both aesthetically and musically, allow various identities to live the initial bewilderment and uncover inner desires and a sense of belonging that eventually emerges owing to the distinctive contributions of the young performers.

The young performers, including Brazilian-born Afro-Italian ballet dancer Roberto Lazzari, Italian-Nigerian dancer and expert in afro-caribbean dance Ofelya Omoyele Balogun, Italian-Tunisian dancer Andrea Bouothmane, and Italian choreographer and performer Irene Russolillo, embody the spirit of Mirrors, which will be heightened by the presence of 10 additional performers on stage at each location.

Italian-Ivorian producer EHUA, located in London, incorporated echoes and allusions to Italian and African musical traditions into the soundtrack’s unique composition. The incorporation of talking drums and djembes, as well as the reworking of electronic genres like South African, range from the Sicilian mouth harp and ancestral melodies of Salento tradition, which remember percussion through guttural sounds and vocal noises.

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