Sami Go and Mekdes G/mariam Perform “Hano bea” on Enzirit

Think about the benefits and drawbacks of seeing your crush as reality rather than an idealized representation of them. You should circle or emphasize the advantages that make you feel more strongly and the disadvantages that have no impact on your emotions. Examine whether these reasons are significant or unimportant. If you can’t accept the other person for who they are, flaws and all, then you aren’t in love. For instance, you might be in love if you are preoccupied with admiring their generosity or intriguing conversations and fail to notice their messes. On the other hand, you might not be in love if you like their company but are unable to see yourself being with them for the rest of your life. Pay attention to whether you share their delight or sadness when they share good or bad news with you. For instance, if you start to cry when your crush breaks the news that their grandmother has gone away, you’ll know you are sharing their pain. If this occurs, you can tell you’re in love. Think about if you truly miss someone before you remark, “I miss you.” The most enduring romantic love has a core connection that remains constant over time. This does not suggest that you continuously worry about them, as it would be an unhealthy sort of attachment. But longing for and missing your partner is an essential part of being in love. Think about your future self in five or ten years. Be mindful of the effects of childbirth, moving, and career changes. Consider whether you’re equipped to handle this person’s mild and perhaps fatal ailments. As you age, think about letting them take care of you or letting them take care of you. If you can envision a future with this person, it’s undoubtedly love.

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