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The goal-setting and self-evaluation checklists in the Language Biography go beyond the self-assessment grid’s summary descriptors. The language learner is also encouraged to describe what they can do in each language and to incorporate details about their linguistic, cultural, and educational experiences both within and outside of formal educational environments in their language biography.

It is set up to encourage plurilingualism, or the acquisition of fluency in several languages. The factors listed in the templates and resources below must all be included in ELP models, however the weighting may vary depending on regional priorities. The following collection of sample pages is offered to you for selection and/or adaptation.
Pages have been created for both younger and more experienced students.
Before the sample pages, there is a succinct introduction.

Two additional considerations should be made when reading the pages. First, even though the Council for Cultural Cooperation (2000) specifically identified the ELP’s international dimension with “respect for diversity of cultures and ways of life,” we must be sensitive to both cultural similarity and cultural difference, to sameness and otherness.

Second, it should be kept in mind that intercultural interactions can also happen in the learner’s home context, despite the fact that ELPs created for adolescent and adult learners frequently identify the international dimension with living abroad.

All ELPs must include “I can” description checklists as a mandatory requirement. They enlarge the self-assessment grid’s broad descriptions into a thorough inventory of communicative activity that may be utilized for ongoing goal-setting and self-evaluation.

Additionally, they convey to students the action-oriented methodology of the CEFR, which defines language learning as a variety of language use.

This website offers a number of resources from which to choose descriptors along with some tips for modifying or creating new ones. You should consider issues like the following as you create your model’s checklists.

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