Response of Aregahegn Worash to the Ministry of Justice’s case

Aregahegn Worash, an artist from Ethiopia, was interviewed. Response of Aregahegn Worash to the Ministry of Justice’s case The brand-new course material was finished two years ago. Make a syllabus for each of the 21 courses from first grade through the 12th grade. The curriculum was written by specialists from Bahildar University, Addis Abeba University, Hawassa University, Jimma University, and Mekelle University. A dispute later caused Mekele to stop. Then, the curricula were examined for indigenous knowledge, moral principles, and other aspects. One of the most crucial criteria of the twenty-first century is competence. Next, draft materials such as flowcharts for the curriculum’s content. Now that this information has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment and the Center of Excellence, it will be thought of as standard. These requirements will be followed in the production of the book. 8th grade textbooks must be created by local states using Google-approved standards. The middle school textbooks are being prepared by the MoE. No matter where in Ethiopia you are—Harar, Benishangul—the curriculum remains the same. But the material is written for kids in elementary school and is based on how the federal states understand things. So, the standards are global, but the content, language, examples, and ways of teaching are specific to each region. It has given local instructors instruction and direction in creating primary school textbooks. The creation of textbooks for secondary schools is delegated to Hawassa University. Professionals from Hawassa University and more than 400 people on her faculty helped write, review, and approve the book.

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