Protestant Pastor Preaching About Dealing With Stress

Whether you are dealing with a personal, global, or a combination of the two issues, developing resilience can help you manage stress, triumph over hardship, and enjoy the better days to come. Recently, it appears as though the world is lurching from crisis to tragedy. A global epidemic, significant changes in how we live our everyday lives, economic uncertainty, political upheaval, and social unrest have all occurred in addition to a number of different natural disasters.

Then there are the traumas that people go through on a personal level, such losing a loved one, losing a job, divorcing, experiencing violent crime, or being involved in tragic accidents. For many of us, this is a time of unprecedented difficulties and change. Going through difficult times can have a bad effect on your attitude, health, and emotions, whether a personal tragedy, a global catastrophe, or both have interrupted your life.

You can feel helpless and overwhelmed by worry and anxiety. You might be having a difficult time accepting what you’ve lost, be overcome by a wide range of unpleasant, conflicting emotions, or be unclear about how to move forward in your life. Even worse, you can feel entirely powerless to resist whatever comes next in your life.

Even if there is no way to stop sadness, hardship, or suffering in life, there are methods to assist calm the rough waves and regain a sense of control. Resilience is the ability to cope with loss, change, and trauma—aspects of life that have always been unavoidable, even before these amazing times. You may find it simpler to handle challenging circumstances, adapt to events that change your life, and bounce back from hardship and tragedy if you develop resilience.

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