Prominent Singer Madingo Afework’s Mother Witnessing About Her Son At Memorial Ceremony

In this interview with OLAMIDE FAMUWAGUN, Bolani Michael, the mother of four boys who perished in a fire incident in their home in Ikorodu, Lagos, on June 26, describes the tragic event. Sunday was a Sunday I’ll never forget, and my hubby wasn’t home. The kids were at home carrying out the chores I had given each of them as I went to church.

We needed to use the washing machine, so when I returned in the evening, I instructed one of my boys to turn on the generator. I had a long day and went to bed early. I served my husband’s dinner when he got home at night, and when the lights came back on in the city, he turned the generator off. He came to the room to join me and my daughter Esther after I fell back asleep.

In their own rooms, the boys were. Later, around midnight or one in the morning, my husband was awakened by the cries of Prayer, our first child. “Daddy fire! Daddy fire!” he was yelling. My husband and I awoke fast, and when he opened our door, there was a raging fire all around. My four youngsters were still stuck inside, so we began making calls for assistance.

When the neighbors arrived, they escorted my daughter and me outside before starting to break windows in the boys’ room to free them. They managed to locate Prayer, Ebube, and Trust in God but failed to locate Jeremiah. Three of them were badly burned when they were carried out.

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