Popular Vocalist Rahel Getu’s Message To Her Future Husband

I joked when I first started writing to my future husband. One evening when I was living alone in London, I burned my meal. I told myself that if I had been married, this wouldn’t have happened in a moment of utter maturity (not). Since I was very single (if there are even degrees), I chose to write to my future spouse instead of venting on Facebook about my supper burning.

Even though he wasn’t yet a part of my reality, I assumed he had to be alive somewhere. From that point on, I would write notes to my future husband, who might perhaps be reading them at this very moment. And even though I hope to meet him someday, I’ve come to the conclusion that this process is more for me than it is for him.

Writing out my concerns, aspirations, and worries for us has made it easier for me to understand and embrace who I am, and how it will influence the sort of wife I will become in the future. Here are a few things I’ve discovered while writing these letters. I occasionally wonder how you behave in church. Do you connect with our Savior in silence or do you raise your hands in surrender?

Do you have a strong, silent personality and would you gently prod me when my thoughts need to be adjusted? Will you join me in waking up early to exercise before our days begin, or will I have to spend the mornings cautiously avoiding you because you need just five minutes longer? What music do you listen to when you need comfort or encouragement? Do you talk to God aloud when you pray or do you simply look up at the sky?

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