Poor Shoe Shine Boy’s Amazing Writing Skill

Like any other skill, writing can get better with time and repetition. You must continue to write every day and frequently. Writers are infamous for harboring self-doubt, whether they are well-known or just starting out. If you put in the effort and persevere, you can become a better writer. Writing should use simple, concise language. They don’t write long, complicated paragraphs or stuff phrases with of extra words. They speak plainly and succinctly to get their point through.

Long sentences can be broken up into two or three smaller ones for your benefit. The philosophy of Existentialism gains its power from its opposition to the intense, theoretical arguments that plagued many early systems. Existentialism, in contrast to more established, more theoretical philosophies, has gained popularity. Since humans are visual beings, we read and orient ourselves via visual signals. Whether you’re writing a novel, a play, or a speech, make sure your audience has enough background knowledge to visualise what you’re writing.

Use 1-2 powerful images or senses to put the reader in your scenario, paragraph, or shoes. Through a metaphor, simile, or direct comparison, comparing two things broadens your writing and helps the reader draw connections. Giving them a tangible point of reference aids in their understanding of your job. Many excellent writers dislike adverbs. They make writing sound sing-songy and muddle the meaning of a sentence with needless, insignificant alterations.

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