People Flooded The Small Town While Welcoming The Lost And Found Kid

Inundation in Addis Abeba. The woman, her two children, and the flood all perished. No regional government or city administration can take it upon itself to stop what it considers to be conduct that jeopardize the constitution in addition to not having the power to restrict freedom of movement.

Even if Mayor Adanech is right in his claim that a sizable number of people moved to the nation’s capital specifically to topple the constitutionally elected federal government violently, the federal government itself has the sole authority to take the necessary action. It goes without saying that it has the option to ask other organizations for help in fulfilling its duty. Federal intelligence is therefore the ideal agency to be in charge of thwarting the alleged putsch plot.

Hence, federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies, not the police and security forces of metropolitan city administration or regional governments, should be in charge of thwarting the alleged attempt to carry out a putsch. So, it is unclear why Mayor Adanech’s administration made claims that it took action to stop the illegal overthrow of the federal government.

The flagrant violation of the right to freedom of movement imperils the rule of law, which is the cornerstone of Ethiopia’s developing democracy. In order to achieve its goal of forming a single political and economic community, upholding this constitutionally guaranteed right—the social contract by which citizens and the government are governed—must be respected. Breaking it in the name of thwarting an apparent plot to overthrow the federal government is unacceptable.

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