On the Sekela show, Hanna Terefe from the Hagerfikir Theater

On the basis of her expertise coaching actors of all skill levels, from amateurs to seasoned professionals, she offers acting tips and her own ideas for success—for acting, auditions, and life. According to Hawley, taking an acting class with a knowledgeable instructor is the ideal way to begin. She suggests that you enroll in acting classes that have an emphasis on sound technique development and a gradual approach. Do not underestimate the benefits of technique learning and practice. The actor will be able to express their imagination when creating a character accurately if they are skilled in the profession and know how to use the tools of the trade. Hawley asserts that getting to know your character is essential if you want to represent that part well. An actor must, first and foremost, be able to convey a character’s goal, according to Hawley. “Once a clear objective has been established, consider what the protagonist must do to achieve it. The character’s actions are crucial and must be taken seriously. There are indications in the text, but the performer will also need to use their imagination. It is essential to read the entire play from which a scene or monologue is taken, she says, because the majority of young performers will work on scenes or monologues. “In order to embody the world of the play, research undiscovered terms, idioms, characters, and circumstances, as well as the play’s historical background, time period, and region.”

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