On our father’s birthday, we gave him a surprise

Sunday is Father’s Day, and in our family, we keep things quite simple. My husband commutes every day, much like many other working parents, and immediately and seamlessly transitions from his job at the office to his position at home upon entering the house. Whatever the day held, it had been forgotten somewhere between his workplace and our front door along the miles. We are immensely appreciative of this and a great deal more. The finest way to show your love for Dad is to spend time with him. So we spoke about all the numerous ways my kids may show their love for their dad. While some of these are very arbitrary and may not be appropriate for your family, I hope the majority will serve as a useful reminder of simple ways to connect. Inquire about his early life, his first job, and anything else concerning his development. Ask him for advice. Dads like to be needed. If you ask him anything about which he wants to inform you, he will know that you genuinely respect him and what he knows. Set a time apart. Make the most of your time with him. By making time for him, you’ll be able to show him how important he is to you. Respect and uphold tradition. Maintain the traditions dad established for you in the past. These are essential for both keeping and forming new memories. Make him a food he will like. Cooking for your dad is another way to express your love for him. Find a recipe for his favorite food, then prepare dinner for the two of you. He would surely appreciate the generosity.

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