On heart and heart, Zebiba and Lemlem

Coming up with new business ideas is typically standard procedure if you and your friend are both entrepreneurs (or would-be entrepreneurs). And rather than lounging on your friend’s couch if you have a brilliant business concept, you should bring your entrepreneurial spirit to the boardroom. That could be a smart decision. However, bear in mind that there are proper and improper ways to approach starting a business with a friend. True, starting a business is never an easy task. We also recognize that working alongside your favorite individual can help to relieve some of the stress or at the at least, make the experience more enjoyable. Absolutely, that is a possibility. However, once you start a business together, your friendship will alter. You’ll need to interact with each other more professionally during work hours than you would if you were just hanging out at home, especially if you’re co-leading a team of employees. Additionally, you need to be careful that your close personal bond doesn’t result in unethical business practices. Emotions might run high when beginning a business with a friend—or anyone, for that matter—but you must manage them if you want to run your firm professionally. That’s clearly harder to do if your best friend works in the next-door office or if they’re the ones stirring up resentment. It is definitely possible to launch a business with a friend as long as you adhere to a few best practices. There are several things you should and shouldn’t do when starting a business with a friend. We sought the advice of a few businesspeople who had effectively merged friendship and commerce.

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