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Necessary precautions before having braces

The most popular safety measures for those with braces include avoiding sugary and sticky meals as much as possible; it’s better to avoid eating tougher foods altogether to prevent tooth chipping or metal wire breakage. If you must consume it, make sure to chop it up or cut it into small pieces first.

The majority of patients will suffer some discomfort during orthodontic therapy, such as mild to moderately sore teeth, which will often go away after a week. You can use some pain-relieving techniques, like gargling with warm salt water and eating softer, simpler foods.

First-time brace wearers may experience pain from mouth mucosal ulcers brought on by friction. In addition to using various medications or specific mucosal protective waxes, ulcers typically heal on their own in two weeks. Wear the best braces consistently to maintain the bones’ fixed position and prevent deformation and displacement.

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