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Natural treatments that work to eliminate hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation is the scientific term for the skin’s coloration. Skin pigmentation disorders change your skin’s hue. Skin cells create melanin, the pigment that gives your skin its color.
Skin darkening is a symptom of hyperpigmentation. The entire body or certain skin types may be impacted. Age spots also referred to as liver spots, are a common form of hyperpigmentation. Although hyperpigmentation is mostly benign, it can also be the result of a medical condition. Also, some medications can make your skin darker. Most people consider it to be a cosmetic issue. There are many ways to treat hyperpigmentation at home. While many of the remedies we include here are based on anecdotes, some research indicates that the main ingredients may be able to treat skin discoloration. Some skin- and scar-lightening creams on the market now contain red onion extract. Red onion dried peel has been shown in trials to dramatically lighten skin. Look for hyperpigmentation creams that contain Allium cepa and use them as directed. Research suggests that green tea extract may have a depigmenting effect when applied to the skin. You can buy green tea extract and utilize it as advised. There is no evidence to support the suggestion on some websites to brighten black areas by adding green tea bags.

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