My sweetheart, I’m not married yet. Where are you?

The young Ethiopian man who claims to be 100 years old is interviewed. My sweetheart, I’m not married yet. Where are you? The greatest discovery of man is his vision. A sense of purpose in life is provided by vision. Women find stability and meaning in their visions. You shouldn’t marry a woman if you don’t know where you’re heading because she entered your life to support you wherever you go. She came to aid you, but you are the one who needs help. The first species was male. Being first does not imply superiority. God did not impart any wisdom to women. Men were destined to be her tutors by God.
The gift of vision, not sight, is the greatest blessing that God has bestowed upon man. Sight is the biggest foe of eyesight. Vision is an eye function, but vision is a heart function. Never put your eyesight in the hands of your own eyes. Seeing demonstrates what is and what is not possible. Don’t always act on what you see; live by what you see instead. We walk by faith, not by sight, according to the Bible. Vision and eyes are at odds. Unrealistic promises might result from a lack of vision. Not all sound is appropriate.
A vision is a clear objective. A man who knows where he’s going won’t return home, watch TV for five hours with a beer in his hand. Vision completes you as a man. Your true concept is your vision. Knowing whether or not a vision is from God makes you appear foolish. If people initially believe what you say, it was not from God. Joe sprinted. I told my father. Has his brother referred to you as crazy? It is not God’s vision if people do not believe you are insane.

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