“My mum competed in beauty pageants” Li Dj and Dani Tktoker

Some individuals have a repulsive tendency to attribute their disapproval of something on “gender equality.” Consider all the other alarming headlines about how women are behaving more and more like men, such as binge drinking, acting aggressively, and committing theft. According to reports, males no longer behave the way that men are supposed to. Consider Kay Hymowitz’s concerns that males are becoming to act more like boys. Isn’t the subject of gender equality troubling and perplexing to us all? When men and women seem to “change places,” many people have unfavorable reactions. But is it really the case? Let’s examine the evidence in more detail. First of all, if you can’t trust your spouse to be faithful, you can’t expect them to answer honestly in a survey, as Peggy Drexler notes in that article. Additionally, studies indicate that the rates of cheating among men and women are probably higher than the survey data indicate. According to surveys, the majority of married people value monogamy and abstain from it. In general, neither men nor women engage in sexual misconduct. The reason why becomes immediately clear if we assume that the figures are generally correct and that either more women admit to adultery or more women actually commit it than in the past.

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