My Husband Tricked Me Unexpectedly

One of the main factors that influence romantic relationships for many people is appearance. If you have this inclination, a stunning person could not only attract your attention but also cause you to stop what you were doing. In fact, it’s probable that what drew you to your spouse in the first place was their attractive physicality. Some people think that this urge is fleeting and that it only matters in the first stages of a relationship. Some people think that as a couple gets to know one another better, inner needs that are more intimate should come before outward appearance. However, neither you nor I should evaluate a person’s critical emotional needs.

The need for physical attractiveness among many people not only aids in the development of partnerships but also endures during marriage, resulting in the depositing of love units whenever the spouse is perceived to be physically attractive. Among the many aspects of physical attractiveness, weight is usually the one that garners the most attention. When it comes to a spouse losing physical allure, the bulk of complaints I hear focus around their weight. And when the spouse loses weight and regains it through exercise and a balanced diet, physical attractiveness almost always returns. But an individual’s choice of clothing, haircut, makeup, and personal cleanliness also play a role in how attractive they are. Since appearance is usually a matter of opinion, only you can know for sure what actually appeals to you.

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