My family assisted me in getting married, and I also assisted him.

the EBS documentary about the married Ethiopian couple. Both he and I received assistance from our families in becoming married. Before the wedding, the bride is customarily presented with gifts from the groom and his family, including bridal clothes and jewels. Participation and gift-giving are also open to attendees.

Additionally customary is the groom’s parents planning the feast. Typically, the bridegroom’s family is more accommodating. The bride’s family is welcome to help, though. An Ethiopian specialty offered at weddings is a kitfo meal. Before Tej is served, this meal of raw beef and minced meat is presented. Additionally, it is typical to provide regional favorites such Doro wat and injera (Ethiopian sponge bread) (spicy chicken and egg stew).

After the dance, the day’s final meal—the wedding cake—is presented. The group moves aside to allow the couple to cut the first piece of cake for their mutual consumption. The dance starts when the food is prepared. Everyone should now display their best Eskista moves.

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