My children favor Ethiopia more than their nativecountry Rozina Told To Media

A mother and her daughter have a special relationship. Daughters frequently look to their mothers as role models, despite the fact that the relationship may have its ups and downs and be difficult like any other. We look to them as a source of inspiration and light for our life when things aren’t going well. Because they desire the best for their children, mothers provide unshakable love and support to them. We can count on our mothers to be our strongest advocates and allies. A daughter is someone you can laugh, cry, and love unreservedly with. My mother once told me that a woman’s wits should be her most alluring trait.

A daughter remains a daughter for the rest of her life, and a boy remains a son until he marries. Even when I’m weak and ugly, I know I’m attractive and powerful. In light of the fact that I identify with my mum. A daughter is just a little child who, as she gets older, develops into your best friend. In middle school and junior high, there were times when I didn’t have many friends. However, my mother has always been my buddy. Always. The more a daughter knows about her mother’s personal details, the stronger she gets. My appreciation for my mother’s strength grows as I get more life experience. Our daughters are becoming more and more like us as they get older.

Although they may be separated geographically, a mother and daughter never truly part ways. The concept was born when Shareplus, a South Korean corporation, planned to create an online gallery with artists from all around Africa. a location where admirers of art from all over the world can view and buy these pieces, improving their access to the world art market.
Art of Africa was planned but had to be postponed owing to lockdowns before COVID-19 spread. It was finally started six months ago when they went to Ethiopia to give the selected artists a three-day orientation and training. The major objective of the orientation was to assist the musicians in developing their promotional skills.

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