Model Qalkidan Tibebu Holds Another Record

He mentioned that Ethiopian espresso and sesame are commanding high prices in the Chinese market in order to ensure that Ethiopian horticultural products have market-valuable opportunities. He specifically mentioned that various meat and vegetable products have been sent to enter the Chinese market.
He said that in order to strengthen the exchange of expertise in the fields of innovation and science, which can combine China’s improvement experience, support for education and preparation is also being strengthened.

He drew attention to the fact that efforts are being made to develop instruction and preparation activities inside the framework of reciprocal relations as well as to work with the exchange of innovation, from one viewpoint, through venture. ESA explained that China has been taking a principled stance, but that in contrast to the conflict Ethiopia is currently experiencing in its northern region, the issue is an internal one, and Ethiopia should resolve it on its own.

Not only that, but he also mentioned that Ethiopia had clearly expressed its position that the African Association’s issue should be resolved through ongoing efforts to promote harmony.
He mentioned that this is being done to strengthen their relationship as well as their cooperation on issues like the environment, psychological oppression, and other topics that Ethiopia and China have in common in other international discussions. However, given its dedication to peace and strength in East Africa, Ethiopia will continue to collaborate closely with China in efforts to establish harmony in the region and throughout Africa.

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