Model And TV Host Lula Gezu’s Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is a celebration conducted following a wedding ceremony. For the first time as a married couple, the pair receives society in the shape of family and friends during this event, which is typically held as hospitality for wedding guests. Food and beverages are provided by the hosts, while wedding cakes are common.In most societies, entertaining guests following a wedding ceremony might run anywhere from 30 minutes to many hours or even days.

For the family of the bride and the groom, separate wedding celebrations may be arranged in various cultures. Prior to receptions becoming common, weddings were more frequently commemorated with wedding breakfasts and wedding balls, which are social events centered around a receiving line and typically held in the afternoon with only light refreshments. Since receptions were more common than breakfasts, dinners, and balls during the 20th century, the term reception has come to refer to any social gathering that follows a wedding, including brunch, tea, supper, and dances.

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