Model And TV Host Lula Gezu’s Mouth Watering Karaoke Performance

Some people are born with excellent singing voices, some can develop them, and some are utterly incapable of singing along with a song. Whatever group you fit into doesn’t mean you can’t sing well at karaoke. If you have a voice that can enthrall birds, be sure to perform a show-stopping song that will highlight your range and talents. Try to select a tune that depends more on fast-spoken words or simple melodies if the birds tend to take off when you open your mouth to sing. Play to your abilities; singing a flawless rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is just as remarkable as tearing through REM’s tongue-twisting “It’s the End of the World (As We Know It).”

Knowing the tone and style of the song you will be singing undoubtedly helps. Is it a sentimental musical number, a hard rock classic, or a smoky ballad? When performing on stage, try to emulate your favorite live performers. For example, if you’re singing a slow, seductive Fiona Apple song, get close to the microphone and swoon to the most attractive person you can see from the stage. Whatever genre of music you are singing, keep in mind that successful karaoke performers flirt with everyone in the room while performing. Look for a song whose words you already know. If you do not have to keep your eyes fixed to the lyrics screen, it will be easier for you to focus on doing well during karaoke. If nothing comes to mind right away, try to at least locate a song whose tune and chorus you are familiar with. Then, just check the screens to obtain a general notion of the words to each verse.

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