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There are indications that dual-career couples and the next generation of female CEOs will have a more equitable dynamic at home. Friedman, a professor at Wharton, is in charge of a long-term study that polls graduates and current students on their opinions and attitudes toward dual careers. He conducted a poll of about 450 Wharton undergraduates in 1992 when they graduated.

He asked the identical set of inquiries to the Class of 2012 Wharton undergraduates in May of last year. How much do you agree that two-career couples succeed when one partner is more advanced than the other? and other similar inquiries were included in the survey & [agree or disagree] “Two-career relationships function best when one spouse is less committed in his or her career.”

According to Friedman, men were far more likely than women to concur with such claims in 1992. However, sentiments toward two-career relationships have converged in 2012: Women are now more likely to agree, while men are now less likely to.

Young males graduating nowadays have more egalitarian viewpoints than women, he claims, who are, well, more pragmatic. The key fact is that dual-career partnerships are more likely to succeed today among men and women than they were among the preceding generation.

He claims that young men today are more aware of their shared responsibility in the home. “Young men are becoming aware of the need to take on more responsibilities at home than they previously did, and they desire to do so. Of course, it’s also possible that men nowadays are more disposed to desire and expect their wives to work, both for financial reasons and to further their wives’ careers.

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