Model And Actress Saron Ayelign At Guma Film Award

Since 2014, Addis Ababa has hosted the annual Gumma Film Awards, an Ethiopian local film award ceremony. The award show, which was created by filmmaker Yonas Berhene Mewa, was broadcast on several television channels. Gumma honors well-regarded domestic Ethiopian movies. In order to promote Ethiopian culture in the film business in 2014, director Yonas Berhene Mewa, the founder and owner of Ethio Films Production, launched the Gumma Film Awards.

Gumma was intended to raise the caliber of the Ethiopian film industry, according to the organizers. Gumma awards prizes for the outstanding cinematic accomplishments in the Ethiopian film industry as evaluated by experts. On February 17, 2012, 23 films that have already been released were nominated in 17 distinct categories. The numbers in brackets “()” indicate how many times each film was nominated.

8th Gumma Film Award compilation Present as special guests were Mensur Jamal, Beshatu Tolemariam, Hana Yohannes, Meseret Mebrate, Girum Ermias, and Saron Ayelign. Sayat Demissie was planned to attend but canceled before the program began.

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