Model And Actress Hana Tariq’s Birthday Celebration Party

Birthdays are a touchy subject. Some individuals hate them and attempt to remove the dates from their personal calendars from those of their coworkers. Others schedule their gatherings months in advance and cut off communication with anyone who forgets to send them well wishes. I’ve spent the bulk of my life partying in the second camp because I’m an only child and a Leo. I usually have a good time by myself. I thought sulkily about which of my friends seemed to be the happiest on their birthdays—certainly not the ladies who had consented to go out to dinner with their partners only to discover that they missed the girls, and definitely not the Queen, who always seemed bored during her celebrations.

Actually, you don’t require floor to ceiling windows, smoked salmon and caviar room service, or embroidered towels to restore your sense of calm. This experiment might have worked well during a leisurely stroll, in the back of my favourite bookshop, at a spa in the country, or over breakfast for one. But I’m now convinced that spending time alone yourself on your birthday is the best gift you can offer yourself. Nothing, whether it be the full celebration or simply the calm before the party, may make you appreciate your friends and family more than the peace and quiet without them.

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